Founding Fathers Tea

Founding Fathers Tea is a well-established chain of restaurants in Germany with a highly rated reputation. It currently has more than 50 outlets all over Germany and is among the best in the food and beverage industry.

Founding Fathers Tea, just as the name suggests, is the best place to go to for a drink and relax on a chilly morning or a gloomy evening. Besides, a lot more goes on in the shops, so you can be sure to stay entertained.

The chain of restaurants has a long history, full of light and dark times. Amidst all the storms, it has never compromised on quality and thus remains a treasure to many of its patrons. If you are new and you need a place to relax in German cities, any outgoing native will direct you to this place.

Founding Fathers Tea’s history dates back to the year 1960 when the hospitality industry was yet to be crowded like it is today. The founding fathers were three German natives who knew the value of good tea.


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Friedrich Mayer, Andreas Schmidt, and Frank Becker were not friends before Founding Fathers Tea. They were sworn enemies. It’s quite ironic that they even ended up with a joint business in the first place. They never drank from the same pot.

Friedrich Mayer was a rich landlord, who never mingled with the low-class citizens. He ate and drank in palaces and rode in chariots. He had servants, who were always at his beck and call. He never knew how to serve. Mr. Mayer liked his tea without sugar and his coffee black. He believed that they made him immortal.

Andreas Schmidt was a rival to Friedrich Mayer after Mr. Mayer lost the town council elections of 1950 to him, which was their bond of contention. This was the beginning of their enmity. He used his position to dwarf Mr. Mayer’s business ventures but still could not find a way to finish him completely. For more information click here.