Milestones Achieved

MSince its establishment in 1960, Founding Fathers Tea has already opened 50 outlets in Germany and intends to cross borders very soon

The chain of restaurants boasts over 300 employees in its payroll

Every restaurant has both on-land and online casino games going on 24/7


Founding Fathers Tea scooped the Most Relaxed Casino Award last year, from the National Casino Gamers Association.

In 1985, The International Tea Lovers Fellowship awarded Founding Fathers Tea for being The Best Tea Producers worldwide. Moreover

Services available

At Founding Fathers Tea, you’ll be sure to get the best beverages, made specially to your liking. Hot or chilled, black or white, name it.

There are also special soft drinks to go with your snacks at any time of the day or night. Because of the emotional nature of casino games, hard drinks are prohibited at the restaurants.

You can have breakfast, lunch or dinner prepared specially for your culinary needs. Meals are prepared by order, so you can order online in advance. If you have the time, however, you can relax and even play casino games as you wait for your order.

There are several casino games to choose from. If you are not an on-land casino fan, there are online casino games for you as well.

Opportunities available

We need beautiful young lady models to serve in the casinos and help our players relax and enjoy their games. If you can handle this, then this chance is yours.

More restaurant attendants are soon to be hired even as we expand our chain of restaurants, so ensure you remain on watch as you keep your ears open too. Other opportunities that will be available include cashiers, bouncers, and cooks.

Frank Becker Culinary School

Frank is undoubtedly the brain behind the success of Founding Fathers. Though the first big brains of Founding Fathers Tea also have their share of due respect, it took the wise counsel of Frank Becker to keep things running in tough times. He now lives in Las Vegas after his retirement and enjoys playing casino games on Royal Vegas Online Casino.

Frank Becker Culinary School will be launched next month on 7th. The event will take place at Founding Fathers Tea main restaurant, and all registered casino members will enjoy free entry. Regular patrons who possess Founding Fathers Tea Membership Card will also enter free of charge. Every other attendee will only part with €50 for entry.