Frank Becker was the least of the founding fathers at the time of the restaurant’s initiation. He was the chief chef of Mr. Mayer’s household and a secret friend to Mr. Schmidt. His compromising situation is what brought the two lords together.

One of Mr. Mayer’s servants poisoned his tea, and Frank Becker took him to hospital since his other servants were away. It was in this condition that Mr. Schmidt got wind of the situation and came to help with investigations, after a lot of persuasions from Frank.

After Mr. Mayer’s recovery, he decided to venture into the food and beverage industry; to have his tea the way he wants it. The unbelievable part is that he approached Mr. Schmidt for partnership and the latter agreed. The trouble, however, was how to find the best chief chef.

That was when Mr. Schmidt convinced Mr. Mayer to surrender his household chief chef Frank Becker, for the sake of the business. That was how Frank Becker became involved in the restaurant chain business.

The business was founded on a single premise, with thirty employees, and a lot of clients for a start. Owing to the class and social status of its founding fathers, it became an exclusive restaurant for the wealthy. You could never go to Founding Fathers tea if your credit card or wallet weren’t loaded. That was the first mistake they made.

The next mistake came when the founding fathers, upon retirement, began to clear the business returns on casino games. The two main founding fathers got into uncontrolled gambling, and once their pension monies were over, they attacked their business’ finances.

That was when Frank Becker came in again. He took charge and became a founding father by default. The two had to listen to his instructions for the business to progress. Sad as it sounds, the business almost shut down since Frank had a tough time controlling his seniors. A conflict arose with some patrons, and the two seniors sadly succumbed to a road accident on their way to a court case.

That was the lowest point in the history of the business. Rather than letting it die, Frank Becker was determined to bring life back to the business, but he was a mere chief chef. He thought wise and convinced the sons of Mr. Mayer and Mr. Schmidt to take over the business’ operations. It was not easy bringing them into the tea business, but they finally agreed, for the sake of their fathers. That way, the initial founding fathers passed on, but their dream for Founding Fathers Tea lived on.

In order to revive the business, the two men, together with their chief advisor and default founding father, took essential measures. The restaurant was to be open to customers of all social backgrounds, with first class and second class sections with regards to standards. The rich could access, and so could the middle-income earners. This helped bring in more customers who were locked out by the high prices before. Click here for general information.

Mr. Mayer Jnr. And Mr. Schmidt Jnr. were both players in several online casinos. They were also popular patrons of several on-land casinos and were well known in the industry. They decided to bring in the idea of casino games at the restaurant.

They found a casino investor who introduced an on-land casino within the building. They also had special sections for online casinos, and most of their clients preferred Spielautomaten, Live casinos, and Royal Vegas.